Curriculum, Admission, and Conferral


MACT-eligible courses are published and archived here.


The MACT certificate is open to any student enrolled in one of Stony Brook University’s Ph.D., D.M.A., M.A., M.F.A, or M.M. programs, with no pre-requisites. Admission to the graduate certificate program requires the completion of two forms, in this order:

  1.  Application for Admission to the Advanced Graduate Certificate in Media, Art, Culture, and Technology , submitted online to MACT director. 
  2. Stony Brook University Graduate School form for “Permission to Enroll in a Secondary Certificate Program.” 
    • Have your Graduate Program Director sign this form in the “Primary Degree” box. If you are an international student have the International Student Advisor sign this form in the “Grad School and International Services” box. (Note that your GPD should not sign in the “Certificate” box, the reference there is to the MACT Program Director.)
    • Email a pdf of the partially-signed form to mediaartculturetechnology AT gmail DOT com to request the signature of the MACT director in the “Certificate Program” box. It will be emailed back to you as a signed PDF.
    • Email the fully signed form to the Graduate School at 


15- Credit Requirement: The Certificate is awarded upon completion of five MACT-eligible courses, or fifteen-credits, which may also be counted toward degree requirements in the student’s home department.  Eligible courses must use humanistic methods of critical inquiry to engage topics at the intersection of media, art, technology, and culture. Any instructor may submit a syllabus to the Director to request that his or her course be considered eligible for credit toward the MACT certificate; eligibility is approved by the MACT executive committee. *A maximum of six credits (two courses) taken prior to enrolling in MACT can be credited toward the completion of the certificate.*

Interdisciplinary Requirement: Students may count a maximum of three courses listed within their home department/program toward the graduate certificate; at least two of the five courses counted for credit in MACT must be listed outside the graduate student’s home department or program. Also, at least three different departments or programs must be represented among the five courses that are counted for credit toward the MACT certificate. (Cross-listed courses can be counted for any one of the departments/programs designated).


Students enrolled in MACT should submit an updated progress report by the end of each Spring term, indicating courses taken toward the certificate. Students may request conferral of the certificate by submitting their completed course record to the Director of MACT. (Please note that the certificate will only be conferred when the student completes the primary degree; if the primary degree is not completed then the certificate will not be conferred.)