MACT faculty members centrally engage media, art, culture, and technology in their research, teaching, and graduate advising. They are expected to maintain active research profiles in their field; to teach a MACT-eligible course at least every other year of full-time teaching; and to mentor MACT students, including serving on exam and dissertation committees for MACT students outside their home departments.

Any Stony Brook faculty member may become an affiliate of MACT by 1) submitting a CV and at least 2 sample graduate syllabi of courses that could be eligible for credit toward MACT, and 2) receiving a majority vote of the Executive Committee or all current MACT faculty affiliates. Faculty affiliation with MACT is reviewed and renewed or discontinued every 3 years.

MACT Faculty Members:

Timothy K. August: Assistant Professor in English *departmental bio

Brooke Belisle (Certificate Director): Assistant Professor in Art History and Criticism  *departmental bio    *website

Nerissa S. Balce: Associate Professor in Asian and Asian American Studies *departmental bio

Robert Harvey: Distinguished Professor in Philosophy *departmental bio

Izabela Kalinowska-Blackwood: Associate Professor in English *departmental bio

E. Ann Kaplan: Distinguished Professor in English *departmental bio

Sohl Lee: Assistant Professor in Art History and Criticism  *departmental bio

David S. Mather: Assistant Professor in Art History and Criticism  *departmental bio

Zabet Patterson: Associate Professor in Art History and Criticism  *departmental bio

Adrián Pérez-Melgosa: Associate Professor in Hispanic Languages and Literatures  *departmental bio

Michael Rubenstein: Associate Professor in English *departmental bio

Margaret Schedel:  Associate Professor in Music  *departmental bio *website

EK Tan: Associate Professor in English  *departmental bio

Benjamin Tausig: Assistant Professor in Music  *departmental bio

Andrew V. Uroskie:  Associate Professor in Art History and Criticism  *departmental bio

Kathleen Vernon: Associate Professor in Hispanic Languages and Literatures *departmental bio

Tracey Walters: Associate Professor in Africana Studies *departmental bio

MACT Graduates:

Hyo Jung Kim: MA in Art History, Summer 2018. Entering PhD program in Media, Culture, Communication at NYU.

Joelle Man: PhD in English, Spring 2019.